TF2 Set Report and Pictures from the Boneyard

{mosimage}Revenge of the Fallen is filming at the legendary Boneyard – the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Groupin Tuscon, Arizona.  A number of pictures have surfaced on Flickr, mostly of Bumblebee driving around the set.  You can click here to see them.

In addition, Seibertron.Com has received a full set report, with more photos, and a few interesting tidbits.  Here's a preview: 

The scene that I witnessed them filming consisted of a long, large sheet of metal (maybe a cover up for something of some sort?) being stood up by the side of one of the planes in The Boneyard, and lots of loud gibberish shouting coming from what I believe to be one of the transformers. 

You can read the full set report and see his additional pictures here!