TF Pulp: New TF Victory Article and New Schedule!

{mosimage}After a few months off, TF Pulp is back with a new TV Magazine article, this time from Takara's 1989 Japanese Transformers series, Transformers Victory. This is actually an article Hydra translated years ago for the old TF Pulp website, but we've updated it with better quality scans and new photshopped text. This issue is a prelude to the creation of Victory Saber. The article highlights Star Saber's weak points and brainstorms the types of additions needed to improve him. "Victory Project, Commence!"

Also, get ready for more frequent TF Pulp updates! From now on, we're going to be releasing new TF Pulp articles twice a month now, on the 15th and the 30th of each month. On top of our agenda for the coming weeks are the G2 Bom Bom story pages and the Super Robot Magazine manga. Look for that from us very soon!