Simon Furman on Upcoming Titan Mag #17

{mosimage}Simon Furman has updated his blog with a rundown of the upcoming Titan mag issue #17:

"More Transformers goodness hits this week in the shape of Transformers (UK) comic/magazine #17, a packed, oversized issue featuring not but two new/UK-exclusive Transformers stories! The first of these is set firmly in the new movie-verse, or at least the alternate one established by events in the epic ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming.’ Get ready now for an all-new multi-part epic in the shape of ‘Return to Cybertron,’ a positively world-shattering tale that takes the Autobots back to their homeworld (not the nicest of places to be currently) and into one of their biggest and most fraught battles. You really won’t believe where we’re going with this one!"

Click here to read the entire update, including a bonus piece with the Dinobots!