Reign of Starscream Trade Paperback Details

{mosimage} For those of you that opt for the trade paperback version of comic books, writer Chris Mowry has updated his blog with the details for the upcoming IDW Reign of Starscream TPB!

• 152 pages
• Cover gallery featuring unpublished cover concepts (including an awesome Ben Templesmith one!)
• 33 character bios written by [Chris Mowry], Josh Van Reyk, Shaun Knowler, and Andrew Griffith
• 11 pages of never-before-seen sketches and designs by Alex Milne
• Commentary by [Chris Mowry] covering story references, easter eggs, and early draft concepts

The trade should be retailing for around $19.99, and is scheduled for a November 19th release. So plan to grab a copy if you want to find out what Starscream and his cronies are up to after the events of the 2007 Transformers movie!

Click here to read Chris Mowry's entire entry on the Reign of Starscream TPB.