New Universe and Animated Listings on HTS

{mosimage} Hasbro Toy Shop has updated with pre-order listings for Transformers Universe Cheetor and Cyclonus and Transformers Animated Blazing Lockdown, and Nightblade Megatron, and order pages for Activators Thundercracker and Activators Patrol Bumblebee! So whether you would like them to hold the figures for you, or if you'd just like toe read their bios, you might want to check out the listings!  Click the following links to see each page:

Universe Deluxe Cheetor
Universe Deluxe Cyclonus
Animated Deluxe Blazing Lockdown
Animated Leader Nightblade Megatron
Animated Activators Thundercracker
Animated Activators Patrol Bumblebee

Then click here to discuss these listings on the Allspark. Thanks to Waspinator for pointing them out! And if you order, don't forget to enter the FALL20 code for 20% off and free shipping!