New Transformers Universe Pre-Orders on

{mosimage} Trailing behind his wave-mates that have already gotten pre-orders on Hasbro Toy Shop, Autobot Hound emerges from the desert with a captive Decepticon in tow! And accompanying him in his travels are Robot Heroes Cheetor and Tankor, and Perceptor and Hardshell making their way to a rendezvous with their wave-mates Snarl and Sharkticon! Although they have traveled this far, they are planning a rest period, and won't be on the move again until December 22nd.

Until then, you can check out the pre-order listing and the figures' bios here, here and here, for Hound, Robot Heroes Cheetor vs. Tankor and Robot Heroes Perceptor vs. Hardshell, respectively. And then discuss them here in Smitty's thread!