More Animated Information From Derrick Wyatt

{mosimage} Transformers Animated designer Derrick Wyatt has added another comment to his blog entry about the concept art for Prowl. In his comment, he states that since the various design and concept teams have been working so closely together, the various forms of fiction that Animated has spawned (cartoon, comic, video game) can all be considered one single continuity. Which means that conflicting storylines should be kept to a minimum. So it seems as though fans don't have to worry about trying to mesh completely different story arcs into one continuity, like they've had to do since G1!

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Eric Siebenaler from Hasbro showed me his concept for Oilslick right from the get go. I was too busy with show stuff to give much input, but liked what he had done anyway. How could I not like a bot with a Mr. Freeze tank on his head and a ram skull on his shoulder? We really consider Eric to be part of the show's creative team anyway. I'm sure it is hard for Hasbro to coordinate everything. Since Marty Isenberg actually wrote the Transformers Animated: The Arrival comic for IDW himself, we consider that part of the show continuity. I got to do some designs for the IDW comic as well. Marty also was involved with the story for the Nintendo DS game. Having the show creators involved in these types of projects really helps them feel more like they are all part of the same universe.

There are absolutely TONS of G1 concepts that are practically begging to be in Animated. Maybe some of them will get to.