Henkei! Dirge & Thrust Announced – Featuring Newly Tooled Wings!!!

{mosimage}Once again, TakaraTomy comes through for Seeker fans around the world – announcing the Japanese release of Henkei (Classics/Universe) Dirge and Thrust!  Dirge and Thrust were released as Botcon 2007 Exclusives prior to TakaraTomy's announcement.  Both Henkei Dirge and Thrust feature newly tooled wings (Hasbro's Thrust featured newly tooled wings different than TakaraTomy's, while Dirge was a straight redeco of Ramjet) and feature the Starscream missiles instead of the Ramjet missiles the American versions came with.  Thrust is a Ganbo Store Exclusive (like Thundercracker before him) and Dirge is a Toy Hobby Market Exclusive (like Skywarp before him).  You can view the page for the two of them here, and for Dirge here and Thrust here.

You can discuss the news in our forms here, and thanks to Buster Darkwings for the heads up!