Hasbro Aus Q&A Reveals Animated Sunstorm

{mosimage} Ozformers.com recently ran their own Q&A with Hasbro Australia.  Most interesting of the questions answered is this one:  "Are any of the following US store exclusives being released in Aus stores?  Optimus Prime (Voyager) w/ Autobot Ratchet (BBat)?"  " I think this has now changed to an assortment of Voyager Sunstorm w/Activator Ratchet and Voyager Shockwave w/Activator Bumblebee. We are looking to do this in 2009 but TBC."

So according to Hasbro Australia, the Sycophant clone of Starscream may be getting his own Voyager class toy!

Check out the rest of the Q&A at Ozformers, here !