Clearing Up on Jetfire and Jetstorm

{mosimage}Regarding various degrees of fan disgust at the images of Jetfire and Jetstorm from the Animated line in BigBadToyStore's pre-order page, Transformers artist, and Allspark member,  Liam Shalloo had this to say:

dont worry they do have hands, [they're] pretty sweet figs

Backed up by character designer Derrick Wyatt on responding at his blog:

I wouldn't rush to judgment on the Jetfire and Jetstorm figures yet. Those are some pretty terrible pictures that are out there right now. The pictures I saw way back of the grey prototypes looked really good. And yes, of course they have hands! In both robot modes! The promo pics are just mistransformed. Once they are properly transformed and posed out, they should look pretty cool.

Click here to read Liam's post (as well any follow-ups he can answer) and here to read Derrick's comment.