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3000 item clearances, eHobby releases, Micromasters, human sidekicks, the latest Big Bad Toy Store newsletter is packed full of Transformers items! So check it out, and see if they have any of those figures that you've been eagerly waiting to your hands on!



New Arrivals:

And you can check out the full newsletter, with all of the non-Transformers items here! 

Hi – Here is another big update from about a variety of new preorders, more new arrivals, and a 3000 item clearance sale along with a photo-tour of our warehouse.




Our warehouse is getting extremely full so we've cut prices on about 1500 items, and gathered 1500 previous sale items together in one handy place. This new sale menu will be a permanent link on our site, and all current sale items will be displayed here.   In addition to all the great deals 20% to 50% off and higher, we've put together a quick little photo tour of our warehouse.   We hope you enjoy the pictures and please do what you can to help us make room in the warehouse:




GI JOE WAVES 11 & 12 Our full shipments of wave 11 and 12 have just shipped and should be arriving in 6 or 7 days.   We have cases available at $59.99 each, and a variety of single figures are available as well. = Wave 11 Case = Wave 12 Case




HALO 3 WAVE 5 BBTS EXCLUSIVE VIOLET ODST FIGURE, SET We've just landed another exclusive from McFarlane's excellent Halo 3 figures.  Our new Violet ODST Spartan Soldier will be part of the Wave 5 / 2009 Wave 2 assortment, expected to ship in March of 2009.  We've got the new exclusive listed singly for $14.99, and we've also changed our set of 7 listing to be a set of 8 including our new exclusive, priced at just $84.99 – only $10.63 per figure.  Check out the shot of our new exclusive and the set listing here -

MOVIE MASTERPIECE EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Hot Toys is producing a 1/6 scale Edward Scissorhands as part of their Movie Masterpiece line.  He'll be highly articulated, including his scissor fingers, with a fabric costume and accessories.  He's priced at $169.99 – take a look at the pics here -


ULTIMATE MARVEL COLLECTION SILVER INGOT STAMPS These sets are comprised of a silver ingot featuring the art from one of the Marvel artwork stamps released last year, along with a silver medallion with additional art.  The first two sets are Spider-Man and Green Goblin, and Iron Man and Mandarin, and they're available at $154.99, $24 less than MSRP.

SDCC 2008 NEMESIS PRIME & SHADOW COMMANDER TRAILER SET FansProject's new Shadow Commander Trailer set, a black recolor of the Ultra Magnus City Commander Trailer set, is now available in a set alongside the SDCC 2008 exclusive Nemesis Prime, for whow the armor was made.  We've got the two paired for you, priced at just $129.99 for both the robot and the trailer, saving you $8 off the package – take a look!

PLANET HULK GREEN SCAR VS SILVER SAVAGE DIORAMA This fantastic new sculpture from Sideshow comes from the "Planet Hulk" storyline in the Hulk comics.  This scene shows the Hulk in his role as the Green Scar, fighting the controlled and amnesiac Silver Savage (Silver Surfer) in the gladiatorial arena.  Each controlled by the blue transmitter on their chests, the two heroes are unable to do anything but battle each other.  This great piece is listed at $284.99, $15 off MSRP – take a look!

1:24 PATLABOR AV-98-1 INGRAM This new figure from Yamato stands about 13" tall, and features to many accessories and options to count.  Among its options are a working retracting winch and cable, a die-cast frame system, opening cockpit with movable seat and flashing lights, multiple weapons which can be stored around the figure, and many more.  Check out the pics and the whole list of features here – only $249.99, saving you $70 off MSRP!

E-HOBBY BLACK MEGATRON We've already listed E-Hobby's Sunstorm re-release, and now he's being joined by the new Black Megatron re-release.  This version of Megatron stretches back to the Microman days, and he's got a basic black paintjob with brown handlegrips.  Our version of Black Megatron will already have the orange safety plug applied, so there won't be any issues with laws or Customs.  He's listed at $99.99, and we expect to see him this February.

V FOR VENDETTA 1/6 SCALE COLLECTOR FIGURE DC Direct has announced a new 1/6 scale collector's figure of V, the anti-hero from "V For Vendetta."  He comes with his black cloak, with hat, interchangeable hands, weapon accessories and more.  He's priced at $99.99, and we expect to receive him into stock this coming June.

TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED ACCESSORY FIGURES Impossible Toys is offering a three-pack of figures to go alongside your Transformers: Animated toys.  Listed as Female Sidekick, Father and Detective.  We've got the set of three listed at $64.99; check out the pics, including the pic showing their scale with the TF's from the series.

G1 TRANSFORMING SPIKE & DANIEL IN EXO-SUITS Also from Impossible Toys, we've got a pre-order up for G1 Spike and his son Daniel, each in a transforming exo-suit taken directly from the original animation.  The transformation may be a bit simplistic, but the look is excellent and the character heads are spot-on.  Pre-order your two-pack today, just $69.99.

NEW BOWEN BUSTS Many new Bowen Design Marvel busts are now up for pre-order.  This new assortment includes Wonder Man in his original villainous look, Galactus' former herald Air-Walker, Cyclops, Kurse, Red Wolf and Whirlwind.  Take a look at these busts and more here-

NEW BOWEN STATUES We've also listed a number of new Bowen Designs Marvel statues.  Stealth Armor Iron Man, Bullseye, Ms. Marvel (retro look and current versions), the Falcon, Nova, Kraven and Mephisto himself are available for pre-order, priced at $129.99 – $189.99 each.




STAR WARS & MARVEL PX MIGHTY MUGGS Our Previews exclusive Star Wars Mighty Muggs are here.  Admiral Ackbar is listed singly at $17.99, and a set of Admiral Ackbar and the Shadow Stormtrooper is listed at $33.99.  (The Shadow Stormtrooper single is already sold out.)  We've also received the Previews exclusive Marvel Mighty Muggs – the Red Skull and Thanos are each listed singly at $17.99, with the pair going for $33.99.  Don't miss out on these great bad guys -take a look at them here -


FUTURAMA SERIES 4 The new Futurama wave has arrived.  It includes Nudar with ray-gun and Fry in his 70's disco superhero outfit as Captain Yesterday.  Also included with each character is a part for the Robot Santa build-a-figure, which will continue through the next two waves (available for pre-order).  Check them out!

1/6 SCALE GREEN LANTERN CORPS FIGURE DC Direct has shipped us a large quantity of the new Green Lantern Corps 1/6 scale deluxe collector figure.  This figure uses the same body and original head as the 1/6 Hal Jordan Green Lantern released last year, and adds in alternate heads and accessories to make three other Green Lanterns- Abin Sur, Tomar Re and the aquatic NautKeiLoi.  Take a look at the pics of this great new set here. just $84.99, saving you $15 off the MSRP of 99.99 -

JLA BUILD-A-SCENE STATUE PART 1 This great statue of Batman  (in his blue and grey outfit) and Wonder Woman running into battle is the first part of a Build-A-Scene statue showcasing the cover to "Justice League of America" Issue #7.  Measuring 8" high by 14" wide by 10" deep, thisgreat piece looks wonderful on its own, and will look even better as part of the assembled scene.  We've got this one priced at $119.99, saving you $30 off the MSRP.  Check out this great statue here -

G1 MICROMASTERS One of our sources has managed to get ahold of some cases of G1 Micromasters for us.  The cards may be a little banged up, but these sealed 1989 Micromaster sets are all ready to go home with some happy collectors.  Choose from the Military Patrol, the Hot Rod Patrol and the Monster Trucks Patrol, each priced at $19.99 Take a look at the available sets here -

DC INFINITE HEROES THREE-PACKS Our shipment of DC Infinite Heroes Wave 1 is also now in stock.  We've got a few cases left at $74.99 for six three-packs, and singles of the Jim Gordon and Gotham Police three-pack; the Weather Wizard, Flash and Mirror Master three-pack; and the Starfire, Captain Boomerang and Raven three-pack.  The single three-packs are priced at $12.99 each – check out the available packs here -

GX-43 DAIMOS A new shipment of this great Soul of Chogokin figure has arrived.  Daimos measures over 14" tall, and is seperable into his component vehicles, as well as coming with a variety of weapons.  He's priced at $179.99 – check him out here

LIVING DEAD DOLLS CAPTAIN SPAULDING The new "House of 1000 Corpses" Captain Spaulding Living Dead Doll is now in stock.  He measures 10" tall and includes a reproduction of his costume and his skull-faced bow tie.  Pick yours up soon – only $24.99!

MCDONALDLAND SETS AND SINGLES Huckleberry Toys' new McDonaldland figures are in, too.  We've got singles listed for Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar and Captain Crook, or you can pick up the set, which includes these three plus Grimace and Mayor McCheese.  The set of five is listed at $69.99, while the singles are listed at just

$14.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE LEGENDS – WV 3 CASE, WV 2 SET and WV 3 SET We've restocked Wave 2 of the Transformers Universe Legends, and also received a shipment of Wave 3.  Wave 2 consists of G2 (Tank) Megatron, Jazz and Hound, priced at $15.99. Wave 3's set of three includes the new Animated versions of Optimus Prime, Prowl and Bumblebee for $19.99, or you can grab a case, which includes two each of the three Animated figures, plus one each of Hound and Jazz, only $37.99.

SIDESHOW 12" CLONE WARS GENERAL OBI-WAN KENOBI This new 1/6 scale figure shows Obi-Wan in his Clone Wars General outfit.  A combination of Jedi robes and clone armor, the outfit includes a cloak, as well as lit and unlit lightsaber accessories.  We have him priced at $84.99 – check him out here -

SIDESHOW 12" RESERVOIR DOGS Sideshow also shipped us a variety of 1/6 scale Reservoir Dogs figures.  Now you can enjoy Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), and Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) in your own home, priced at just $57.99 each. Each figure includes a multi-piece cloth costume, movie-accurate accessories, interchangeable parts and a display base.

MOVIE MASTERPIECE PREDALIEN VS. PREDATOR POSEABLE DIORAMA This 16" tall by 13" wide by 13" deep diorama kit shows the Predalien attacking his Predator hunter from above with claws and jaws, while the Predator defends with his spear.  Their base is a pile of rocks complete with the melted remains of an Alien Warrior.  Priced at $174.99, this piece would also make a great gift for Sci-Fi fans.

ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM COSBABIES Hot Toys has released their new AvP:R Cosbabies, and we've got them listed singly, or as a set of 6.  The singles include Alien, Battle-Damaged Alien, Wolf Predator, Ancient Predator, Predator and Predalien; each is available for $9.99 singly, while the set is listed at $54.99.

STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS – Speeder Bike Recon, Hoth Recon, B'Omarr Monastery We've got a few of the new Star Wars Battle Packs in stock now.  In addition to a few cases of Wave .5 Revision 2, we've got singles of Battle at the B'Omarr Monstery, Speeder Bike Recon Team and Recon Patrol on Hoth available, priced at $24.99 – $27.99 each, with the case of four Battle Packs is priced at $89.99.  Check them out here –

STAR WARS LEGACY COLLECTION BUILD-A-DROID FIGURES We've got sets and singles available of almost everyone in Waves 1-3 of the Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid figures, with singles like the black IG-88 Speeder Bike Droid, Jodo Kast, Bane Malor, Darth Vader and many more.  We've also received a small shipment of cases of Wave 4.  Priced at $94.99, this case of 12 figures includes King and Queen Organa, Commander Faie, Stass Allie and more, along with a select few figures from previous waves.  Take a look at the available figures old and new here  –

GI JOE COMIC TWO-PACKS Also now in stock are a large number of sets and singles of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary Comic Two-Packs.  We've received a large quantity of wave 5 as well as previous waves, and we've got many singles, sets and cases available, including Cobra Commander and Tripwire, Destro and Iron Grenadier (both gold head Destro and black head Destro versions available), Duke and Red Star and many others.  Singles start at just $9.99 for the two-pack, with set and case prices offering additional savings.

NEW DEAD IN PLAID SKELANIMALS We've received a large shipment of 8" Skelanimal Dead In Plaid plushes.  Now in stock are Jack the Rabbit, Marcy the Monkey, Kit the Cat and Dax the Dog, each at $16.99.  Take a look at them here, along with their friend Chung Kee the Panda, coming soon!

Thanks very much for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items mentioned above.



Joel & The BBTS Crew