’s “Revenge of the Fallen” Exclusive Content

{mosimage} If you purchased the "Bring Home a Hero" Transformers 2007 Movie DVD from Walmart yesterday, you probably noticed a flier inside the case for exclusive Revenge of the Fallen content on the Walmart site. It wasn't active yesterday, but check back today to see the first two videos that Walmart's put up! The first video is the first day of shooting. You get to hear Bay's pep talk before the cameras roll, a few of those involved in the production talking up the sequel, and you get to see the first scene that was filmed–which involves a chase scene with three motorcycles and the Audi R8! The second video is a look at the computer modeling process for the robots in the first movie.

What do you need to see the videos? Just go to and enter the code "AllSpark62609"!

Then click here to discuss the videos on the Allspark. Thanks to Defensis Prime for the link and password!