Wal-Mart Exclusive Offscreen Movie Deluxes Wave 1 & 2 Shipping!

{mosimage}Start checking your Wal-Marts as the store exclusive Off-Screen Movie Deluxes (originally meant for the Universe line) are now shipping!  This wave includes Breakaway (Cybertron Hot Shot redecoed as G1 Getaway), Fracture (Classics Mirage redecoed as GoBots Crasher), and Crankcase (Cybetron Red Alert redecoed as G1 Crankcase).  Also of interest is that Wave 1 of Off-Screen Movie Deluxes (Jolt, Divebomb, Big Daddy, and Grindcore) appear to be shipping with the newer wave as well.  So fans who missed out on the first wave may have another chance to get those figures as well.

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