Robot Mode for Chevy Trax and Audi R8, Plus Return of Old Friend?

{mosimage} found an image of what may be the robot mode of the Audi R8 from (no jokes, please), while had mirrored images of what could be the Chevy Trax's robot mode. Oddly, Randy of – where the pics of the Trax and R8 originated from – has a new (or possibly not) image of a certain familiar Autobot that some fans have been asking about since last year, so don't get your hopes up yet and consider it as a spoiler until further details are released. Unfortunately, you have to be registered to see the pictures at the board.

The Audi R8 at Superhero Hype's here, and's post on both Trax and R8. Here's the "certain Autobot" thread (possibly spoiler!), Audi thread, and Trax thread at Drop on here to discuss.