New Transformers Pre-Orders From BBTS

{mosimage} Allspark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has listed quite a few new pre-orders for upcoming Transformers figures. Animated, Universe, whatever you could want! Click the links below for the new pre-orders pages.

Universe Ultra Predacon Bruticus
Universe Inferno
Universe Vector Prime
Universe Cyclonus
Universe Hound
Universe Cheetor
Universe Starscream
Universe Legends Wave 4
Animated Activators Wave 5

Animated Power Bots Street Patrol Bumblebee
Animated Bumper Battlers Soundwave
Animated Bumper Battlers Lockdown
Animated Entertainment Pack Jetfire and Jetstorm
Animated Skywarp
Animated  Shockwave
Animated Blazing Lockdown
Animated Blurr
Animated Swindle

Then discuss these new pre-orders here. Thanks to Nevermore for pointing them out!