New Set Pictures and Report from White Sands

{mosimage}Anonymous in Alamogordo has sent in what could be considered a torrent of pictures from White Sands Missile Range, that of Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee (both forms), and finally Ratchet. On the set report from TF LAM's anonymous source: most of the core cast (LaBeouf, Fox, Duhamel, Gibson) are present; rumor that White and Dunn (as Judy and Ron Witwicky) were on set; fight scene shot similar to Scorponok's attack in the first film; and they may be filming in Ruidoso, 30 miles north of Alamogordo. White Sands is cast as a Middle East country, the flag from pictures taken earlier is probably Egypt's, although TF LAM says it's Jordan.

Read everything and see the Autobots in their vehicle modes here!