New Images of Upcoming Animated/Universe/25th Anniversary Figures!

{mosimage} TFW2005 has posted hi-res images of several upcoming Transformers figures! Included in the images are: Animated Swindle, Blurr, Blazing Lockdown, Skywarp, Shockwave, Animated Legends Starscream, Universe/25th Anniversary Starscream (repaint of Classics Starscream in a more accurate G1 deco), Cyclonus, Hound, Cheetor, Legends Brawn, Legends Beachcomber, Legends Bumblebee, Voyager Inferno, and two new repaints, Vector Prime and Predacon Bruticus (a repaint of Cybertron Scourge as the RID character!). Also pictured are the Robot Heroes Beast Machines Cheetor vs. Tankor, Perceptor vs. Hardshell (the new name for Insecticon Bombshell) and Snarl (ie Slag) vs. Sharkticon! Whew, that's a lot of figures!

Click here to see the images, and then discuss them here in BassX10's thread on the Allspark!