Movie Repaints and other Upcoming Exclusives Identified

{mosimage} Hasbro's Collector Checklist – a listing of all Transformer figures released in the US – has updated to include all end-of-the-year releases, and it has given some of the upcoming unknown figures a home.  The fiery repaint of Megatron and the repaint of Optimus Prime are target exclusive screen battle packs.  The Megatron comes with Final Battle Jazz and is marketed as the 'Battle Over Mission City' pack, while Prime comes with Bonecrusher and is in the Freeway Brawl pack-in.  Also from Target are the Stealth Lockdown and Rescue Ratchet pack-ins we've been reporting.

Finally, the repackage of Optimus Prime and Crumplezone is a Costco exclusive.

You can check out the Collector's Checklist here !