More Special Edition Universe Figures?

{mosimage} Griffin of Australian Transformers fan site has posted some interesting information about the Universe Special Edition figures. In addition to Prime, Megatron, Dragstrip and Overkill, he mentions a red Mirage repaint, "Premium" Cliffjumper (may have new head) and a Nemesis Prime, which may just be the SDCC exclusive. So Diaclone and Minicar fans, it looks like this Special Edition series may offer some figures you thought you'd never see!

Click here to see the information on the repaints. Thanks to Nevermore for pointing it out! 

And for those of you looking to get a better look at Prime and Megatron, or your first look at Overkill, HasbroToyShop's your site! Actually they're your site if you want them too, as the toys are said to be HTS exclusives! The three figures have been listed as pre-orders for $15.99, with a potential shipping date of 12/08; just in time for Christmas!

You can see the Overkill page here, the Prime page here, and the Megatron page here . Don't forget you can use the code TF2009 to get 10% off your Transformers orders!