Henkei Skywarp Shipping & Henkei Thundercracker Bio Card

{mosimage}Well the time has finally come.  Those fans looking for a second chance at the store exclusive Classics Skywarp and convention exclusive Classics Thundercracker don't have much longer to wait.  As Japanese residents are starting to receive their shipping notices for Henkei Skywarp.  Can Thundercracker be far behind?  Speaking of Thundercracker, ganbo store has posted some images of his bio card.  Much like previous Henkei Exclusives (like Gentei Wildrider) Thundercracker features a modified version of a normal retail release figure's bio card, in this case Starscream's. 

Click here to view Thundercracker's bio card, and here to discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to Betty Nor for the news on Skywarp shipping to Japanese residents.