HenKei Skywarp in Package Images

{mosimage} Now that fans in Japan are getting shipping notice for this toy, we knew it won't be too long before images of HenKei Skywarp in packaging would come out! And Yahoo Auctions is as good a place as any! Similar to Thundecracker, the packaging is the same as HenKei Starscream for the most part. The image inside the card, however, is in gray scale (and Thundercracker's was printed in different shades of blue. See what they did there?) So for those looking to get a hold of a Skywarp whose deco looks a bit more G1, it appears as though you won't have to wait too much longer!

And if loose images are more your thing, there are plenty of those coming out too. Vehicle mode, robot mode, chrome afterburners, back of the wings, comparisons with HenKei Starscream, they're all there for you to check out and enjoy!

Click here to see and discuss the images. Thanks to Buster Darkwings for finding them!