Club Magazine #23, 25th Anniversary Smokescreen Preview

{mosimage} The Transformers Club has put up a preview of what's to come in issue #23 of the Club Magazine. Well, to say the least, it's the 25th Anniversary Preview issue, so that alone should tell you it's going to be packed full off good stuff! Mighty Muggs, Robot Heroes, Legends,main line figures all will be revealed, and the Club specifically mentions Robot Heroes Prowl vs Laserbeak, 25th Dinobot, Hot Shot, and a closer look at a couple of Mighty Muggs. They also hint at Legends Warpath images as well!

But it's not just the toy images, there will also be an interview with Bill Rawley, lead designer for the 25th anniversary line! And joining that interview is one with Susan Blu as she looks back at he contributions to Transformers over the last two amd a half decades.

And if that's not enough of a preview for you, they also have an image of a Smokescreen repaint of Silverstreak who is scheduled for Wave 2 of the 25th Anniversary line!

Click here to go to the main Club site. Members then should log in and make their way to the Magazine section of the forums to check out the previews! And don't forget to check the main site again tomorrow, as the Club will be posting the cover for the issue, which judging by the content, should be interesting!