Animated Voyager Skywarp Bio Finally Revealed

{mosimage} We've seen him in both modes, we've seen the front side of his box's art. Now, we finally get a clear image of the back, which has this cowardly Seeker's bio. Certainly not quite the old school G1 black-and-purple Decepticon fighter jet we knew. At least he still teleports!

Click here to check out the bio. 

Fearful Super Pilot

SKYWARP wouldnt call himself a coward. He'd call himself smart. So what if he runs away from combat? Fighting is dangerous! All those missiles and lasers could really hurt someone! As a clone of STARSCREAM, he's got all the power in and skill of the leader of the DECEPTICON air forces, but none of the courage or ambition. He could easily be one of the most dangerous DECEPTICONS of all time, but since he screams and runs away the second a shot is fired, he's mostly just a joke.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
– Gets shot in the back more than any other DECEPTICON
– Uses his teleportation ability to run away faster
– Even just seeing a picture of MEGATRON gives him nightmares

"They're heading right for us! Run!"