Universe Wave 3 Case Breakdowns

{mosimage}As reported by Sunnyday77 at TFW2005 , Entertainment Earth has updated with new revisions of Universe Wave 3.

Included in the assortments are:

Universe Ultra Wave 3: 1x Silverbolt, 1x Stormcloud

Universe Ultra Wave 3 Revision 1: 1x Onslaught, 1x Stormcloud

Universe Voyager Wave 3 Revision 2: 1x Dropshot, 1x Blades, 1x Treadbolt

Universe Deluxe Wave 3 Revision 1: 2x Ironhide, 1x Galvatron, 2x Sideswipe, 2x Silverstreak, 1x Acid Storm

You can check out the preorders here .