TRU’s Titanium Series War Within Prowl and Grimlock Sighted

{mosimage} UPDATE: Seibertron's own No Death for Prowl has two pictures of Prowl and Grimlock in their original packagings.

Toys 'R Us employee/TFW2005 member soundwave86 informs that the TRU store in Orland Park, Illinois, has received a shipment of the TRU exclusive Titaniums War Within Grimlock and War Within Prowl figures, although both are supposed to be released in September 2008. Do note that this is considered as a rumor until further proof.

Click here for the post at TFW, here to discuss at Allsparker Nevermore's thread, and here for Hasbro's pics announced from BotCon 2008 (final designs may be different). Don't forget to report any sightings at the New Toy Sightings forum.


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