Seibertron Interview with David Kaye

{mosimage} The voice of various Megatrons after Frank Welker (except RiD Megatron) and currently the voice of "Transformers Animated" Optimus Prime, voice actor David Kaye dropped by Seibertron to answer several questions fielded by Seibertron's Stormraider. Most of the questions relate to his role as Optimus in Animated, such as originally called in to voice Megatron but later given Prime's position, to Transformers in general, and then to works other than Transformers. For fans looking to get some dirt on a third season of Animated, he doesn't say much, but he does confirm that a couple familiar writers will be returning to Transformers with this next season. Also, he lets a possible future guest star out of the bag; someone that Star Trek and Heroes fans may know. Oh, my.

Drop by here to read the interview. No, no rubber duckies involved.