Rare G1 Reissue Prizes and Prototypes From Takara Up for Auction

{mosimage} We all know that Takara has been known to make odd choices in the color schemes for their limited run and prize figures. We've seen chrome, gold chrome, black, clear, bright colors, dull colors and everything in between. Now a few auctions have popped up for some extremely rare prize figures, and prototypes for prize figures that you may not have even heard about! The first is a group of Minicars cast mostly in clear, translucent plastic. According to the auction these were a lunch time special prize Takara ran for its employees. Next is a chrome silver Soundwave figure of a similar origin. And lastly, there's an auction for a cancelled Lucky Draw black Rodimus Prime, who oddly also picks up a bright, almost fluorescent yellow as the secondary color!

You can see the auctions for the Minicars here, the chrome Soundwave's auction here, and the Rodimus images here. You can also click here to see them mirrored in our Gallery!