New “Revenge” Set Images, Video, and Info

{mosimage}UPDATE: Screenwriter Roberto Orci has confirmed that "Shia's hand is protected for the remainder of the shoot", having been on set (most likely the one where Shia and Megan were filming) to revise the script. The other lucky thing was that nothing had to be reshot. In addition, we'll be seeing a "MASSIVE push" in regards to marketing come November

They're leaking again! No, not lubricants. The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has updated with new pictures courtesy of's forum member nbetwo and a short (VERY) new video from the sets of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. On the video, it was shot by PhillyFilmGirl during the filming at Princeton back in June, involving the Saturn and panicking passengers. For the new photos, we have some old and new familiar faces making an appearance at an Air Force Base in California, more than likely Edwards AFB given that it was used in the previous film.

Here for the video involving the Saturn, here for the AFB pictures, and here for Roberto's post at TFW.