More Energon, Armada Repaints for Universe?

{mosimage} A few interesting eBay auction have popped up today. They're for three repaints from Energon and Armada that the seller says are destined for the Universe line! The Energon mold is the Blackout/Stormcloud helicopter limb from Bruticus Maximus, and the Armada mold is the Supercon Optimus Prime (with the Cyber Key from Cybertron replacing his Minicon)! The Helicopter mold is used to make Whirl and Sandstorm, and the Optimus mold sports a G1 color scheme. So Wreckers fans have something to look forward to, even if Whirl and Sandstorm are now Decepticons!

Click here for Whirl's auction, here for Sandstorm's and here for Optimus', or click here to see the images mirrored in our gallery. Then click here to discuss them in Razorsaw's thread!