More Animated Combo Packs?

{mosimage} Allspark member Nevermore has been digging around Hasbro's instruction site and has found a few more interesting listings. It seems that in addition to the regular Bumper Battlers, Leader, and Supreme there are also listings for the same figures with different product codes. The Leader listing appears to be the Megatron and Activator Starscream, and Bulkhead and Activator Bumblebee combo packs that we've seen images for. The Bumper Battlers appear to be two-packs Featuring Jazz and Ratchet seemingly packaged with Voyagers Bulkhead and Optimus Prime, respectively. As for the Supreme Optimus Prime listing, there's no information on what makes his product code different. But whatever it is, it seems to indicate that it will make him a store exclusive.

Click here to read Nevermore's post and how he deduced that those are the combo packs listed!