Full Color Images of Henkei Ironhide & Galvatron – Plus MP-7 Thundercracker Photos @ Amazon.co.jp

{mosimage}Due out in November for the Henkei line is Ironhide, Ratchet, and Galvatron.  Amazon.co.jp has uploaded new images of Ironhide and Galvatron, showing us their more G1 Animation accurate color schemes.  Galvatron features a cooler purple, less orange, and chrome parts on the cannon arm and tank missiles.  Ironhide features a darker gray in addition to the normal light gray, a new yellow stripe along side the vehicle mode, and chrome weapon and lights.  Also of interest are official stock photos of MP-7 Masterpiece Thundercracker, featuring several images including him holding Masterpiece Convoy's Megatron gun.

You can view Henkei Galvatron, Ironhide, and MP-7 Thundercracker at Amazon.co.jp, and discuss the images here in our forums.