Filming at Long Beach and Other Possible Spoiler Pictures

{mosimage}The not-so-spoiler: Filming at/around the Queensway Bridge in Long Beach for 8/26 and 8/27, parking lots set up on 4th and Pacific Streets around Downtown Long Beach for the crew, courtesy of the Transformers Movie Chronicles blog. Gettodeath also supplied pics for the TF Live Action Movie Blog on the Chinese signs that were used in San Pedro and Bethlehem, PA, this time in the LA area.

The more-than-likely-spoiler: From INF Daily, a certain actor's once again caught in makeup that's almost equal to the previous spoiler-ish report, but while possibly not as much, we're still not showing.

Click here for Gettodeath's pics, here from the TF Movie Chronicles on the filming at Long Beach, and here for the click-at-your-own-spoiler-risk pics from INF Daily.