Universe Unicron a TRU Exclusive?

{mosimage} A Toys R Us employee and Transformers fan has  given a report to TFW2005 that the Universe Unicron (of which an image popped up yesterday) will be Toys R Us exclusive. He also said that the toy in the image is only a mock up, so the final figure may be different:

this is a store exclusive, it is a Toys R Us exclusive. Also, this is the one that has been shown as a mock up, we don't know if the deco will be changed by the time it starts shipping but this is one is not the finished product. …we were hoping the final product would be '86 movie acurate in deco but Hasbro has yet to enlighten us.

*Update* There is now an eBay auction for one of these figures in box. You can see that here! 

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