Transformers Club “I, Grimlock” Campaign Replacing “Me, Grimlock”

{mosimage} There have been rumblings that Grimlock has gone missing, and now we see why! The Transformers Collectors' Club will be replacing their "Me, Grimlock" campaign with "I, Grimlock." The campaign was one in which the Club sent out a Grimlock toy to Club members so they could take photographs of him around their town, city, village, whatever to chronicle the toy's journey. Grimlock also was given a few freebies by the fans, which built up to be quite the loot pile! Now, though, Shattered Glass Grimlock will be replacing the Classics Grimlock on the travels!

Click here to see more about the campaign and the introductory photocomic. Then Club members can sign in and go to the "I, Grimlock Travel Itinerary" thread to sign their name up as one of those to get a visit from Shattered Glass Grimlock! Click here to discuss this campaign in BassX10's thread.