Rainn Wilson AICN Interview

{mosimage} Ain't It Cool News has posted an interview with Rainn Wilson, who is going to make a brief appearance in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The majority of the interview is about his other projects, but he does talk a little bit about Transformers. Not much, and there are no spoilers, but it's a fun read that gives insight into what it's like to work with Michael Bay!

Click here for the interview, or click "Read more" for the Transformers-related part! 

Quint: But yeah, I think that the character economy, how they would put it in screenwriting class, was handled very well. So what are you working on now? You have some stuff coming up?

Rainn Wilson: Well, I just did a very small cameo in TRANSFORMERS 2.

Quint: Cool.

Rainn Wilson: That was kind of a blast. I got to work with Michael Bay and I was a big fan of TRANSFORMERS.

Quint: I spent a few days on the set of the first movie and something I noticed was that Michael Bay, I think he has an AD, but he doesn’t need one.

Rainn Wilson: He does everything himself.

Quint: He does everything and he’s not afraid to be the task master on a set.

Rainn Wilson: I saw him and he was literally giving the focus puller notes. The focus puller was like “No, you have to do it like this…” and Michael Bay is like “No no no, do it like this and hook this here and you can turn this here and you can get the focus this way…” Somehow I believed Michael Bay knew more than the focus puller. He even ran camera a couple of times. He did his own camera work.

Quint: Yeah?

Rainn Wilson: Yeah.

Quint: That must have been fun. I don’t imagine that you are in any scenes with any robots, but it would still be fun.

Rainn Wilson: No, I wish I would have had scenes with explosions, but yeah the only other thing is I have a bunch of film irons in the fire out there. I just handed in, last week, the second draft of this film BONZAI SHADOW HANDS to Jason Reitman and that is the script I’m writing myself to star in where I play a down and out alcoholic ninja.