New TakaraTomy Website Updates

{mosimage}TakaraTomy recently updated their website for the upcoming releases due next week (July 17th).  Among the updates include new websites for BT-21 Binaltech Arcee (Decepticharge redeco), Encore 10 Minicar Reissue (which features Bumblebee, Swerve, Tailgate, Outback, and Pipes), and Henkei releases of D-04 Ramjet and C-06 Skyfire.  TakaraTomy has also updated their Henkei Manga Page with high resolution images of the issue included with Hot Rod (released last month).  Of note is the absense of BT-22 Binaltech Convoy, which further substantiates the rumor that he is in fact delayed from his July 17th release.

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