New Loose Titanium Grimlock & Henkei Stunticon Wildrider in Package Photos

{mosimage}Just days after the initial announcement of Henkei (Japanese Classics) Stunticon Wildrider, we now have in package pictures of the upcoming toy.  Stunticon Wildrider (yes Hasbro is not the only the only one who sometimes needs a prefix to their trademarked names at times) is a gray and red redeco of Hot Rodimus as the 1985 character.  Much like other dark redecos of an existing Japanese figure, Stunticon Wildrider uses a modified version of Rodimus's package card in gray scale.  Also of interest are the images of the upcoming Toys 'R Us exclusive Titanium 6" War Within Grimlock due for release soon.

You can view the images here (for Wildrider) and here (for Grimlock) and discuss them in Nevermore's thread.