Live Updates from SDCC Hasbro Panel


Our very own Chesspieceface is sending us up-to-the-minute news and information from the SDCC Hasbro Transformers panel!  Please excuse our shorthand; we're bringing these updates to you LIVE!

  • The panel includes Mike Balog, Aaron Archer, Jared Wade, Bill Rawley, Jarod Jones.  It started with a 2007 recap first: sales were awesome, etc.  Old news: the movie line was a huge success.
  •  Showing 2008 products: Sentinel Prime, Swoop, Elite Guard Bumblebee, and Ultra Magnus
  • Activators Cliffjumper will have a new head.
  • Deluxe Blurr (image here, from TFW2005), Deluxe Swindle
  • Voyager Longarm/Shockwave, has different robot and vehicle modes! Tank/crane all-in-one toy!
  • Leader Shadow Blade Megatron in skywarp-inspired colors.
  • Now: Universe!  Exclusives are going on now; mostly stuff we've already seen.  
  • 25th Anniversary Items!  New-mold Cheetor, Cyclonus, Hound, and Optimus Prime reissue seen at Botcon.  
  • Robot Heroes might get Armada/Unicron Trilogy characters eventually.  So the segment is doing well.
  • History lesson on the brand: 1984-present. Going through 25th Prime reissue details.
  • And I quote, "Hound [and] Cyc ruuuuule." Photos to come: panel was not restricted. Cheetor not so good.
  • VOYAGER class G1 styled Inferno. Blocky, fire engine type, water blaster on back.  Magic head reveal, like all current Universe offerings.
  • Legends Brawn and Beachcomber shown again. Same styling as G2 Megatron, Jazz, Hound.
  • Legends Bumblebee and COSMOS. COSMOS. WE REPEAT: COSMOS. YES, WE SAID COSMOS. Cosmos is "tattooed" with his name in Cybertronian. Not like Titanium/Classics Cosmos – closer to Mini-Bot(?).
  • Correction:  Robot Heroes Super-Mode RID Prime and Megatron; Beast Machines Cheetor and Tankor.
  • Q&A starting! Stay tuned.  No images of 25th Hot Shot or any movie sequel content.
  • Marty Isenberg joining in for Q&A.
  • Sari may be coming as a Robot Heroes figure – market support needs to be solid.
  • Still no confirmation on Animated Arcee toy. "Anything can happen." Teasing.
  • TFW reporting possible toys based on IDW's The 13. More info as it becomes clear. Contingent on success of IDW 13 comic.
  • Walky wants to know why there wasn't another picture of Hot Shot.
  • Classics Seaspray is a "we'll see" non-answer.
  • Animated Season 3 still not greenlit, but content development is underway, like Jetfire/Jetstorm.
  • Robot Heroes Sari/BB under development, but market support needs to be solid.
  • No plans for Death's Head Crossovers figure, but the idea is cool.


  • Any chance of Japanese characters in universe somehow? "better than a maybe."
  • Weird Al's been back in the recording booth!
  • Allsparker Yertle asked about Soundwave: Ravage will fit in original soundwave, he doesn't require the reissue's doublewide chest.
  • Someone asked about Animated Ravage/Rumble: they said guitar players usually have more than 1 guitar, and Animated Soundwave may have another "instrument" in his arsenal.
  • Season 3 is still unofficial… but they're all essentially saying they're working on it–such as the Wreckgar question.
  • Marty honestly doesn't know what personality aspect the female starscream clone represented.
  • Reissue armada unicron is a Toys'R'Us exclusive.

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