Leaks From “Revenge of the Fallen” All Fake?

{mosimage} Like Bumblebee and Mojo, Michael Bay is leaking! He says that only a select few individuals (under ten) have seen full scripts for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and that they have purposefully been leaking false scripts, shooting schedules, incorrect robot faces when shooting, and call sheets with the wrong scenes on them. In fact, he says the only thing that is correct is that Sam goes to college! 

The only full script for the movie exist with me and the original writer's. A select few crew members have read parts, some of the leads have read full scripts – but the number is under ten. One person from Paramount, three from Dreamworks.

We have leaked several scripts, some treatments and various scenes that are used to mislead the internet. We have mocked up wrong schedules and call sheets with fake scenes on them. When shooting scenes we don't refer to character names and use wrong faces on the poles representing different robots that are going to be placed in – It's a lot of work but seems to have worked out because no one knows the story of the movie besides Sam going to college.

You can see the original post here on his Shoot for the Edit blog.