IDW Rolling Out More TF in ’09

{mosimage} UPDATE: Newsarama has an interview with most of the writers on these projects.

While the IDW TF Panel at SDCC gave various quick previews of upcoming TF comics for 2008-09, Comic Book Resources gets a little more in depth with those that are coming out in 2009. "Transformers Destiny" will be tying the movie continuity together, in conjunction with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; Chris Mowry and Alex Milne will be handling duties for "Destiny". "Transformers: Maxium Dinobots" will be done by Simon Furman and Nick Roche, tying into the current IDW story. Colorist Josh Burcham already has two covers up on his DeviantArt gallery, one of which was shown at the panel. Furman will be also doing "Transformers: The 13" and even though the story is still evolving, "The 13" will be very much its own start up and it will be going back to show how it all began.

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