Hasbro Hong Kong at Ani-Con

{mosimage} HK-TF.com has posted a report about the Hasbro Hong Kong booth at Ani-Con, which will be taking place August 1st – 5th. It looks like Hasbro HK went all out this year! For starters, their booth is simply amazing! It's shaped like Generation 1 Optimus Prime in vehicle mode, and is large enough to all people to walk through the "trailer"! They will also be giving away 10 of the gold Movie Primes to the first 10 customers that spend $3000 HKD at the booth. And if that's not enough, they will have two boxsets of Transformers Movie toys. The Decepticon boxset will have Premium Megatron, Deep Space Starscream, Premium Blackout, Premium Barricade, and Deluxe Brawl. The Autobot boxset will have Premium Optimus Prime, Premium Ironhide, Voyager Ratchet, Premium Jazz and Premium Bumblebee. Each set comes in a synthetic leather box featuring that faction's symbol and color.

You can check out images and information (in language) right here!