What’s In An Alt Mode? Rumors and News

{mosimage} Let's start this Transformers 2 news wrap-up with an article on vehicles that may potentially be Transformers. Ventura County Star interviewed Will Keneflick about his involvement with the Transformers 2 movie. Turns out that he constructed 6 motorcycles for the movie, 3 for stunts and 3 described as "hero" bikes! You can read the rest of the article here.

Next we have two sources saying that there may be a new way that the Transformers have their alt mode portrayed in the movie/video game. What does that mean? Well, the first movie had vehicles portraying almost all of the Alt modes. In Transformers 2, you may be able to look for other things as alt modes as well! You can see Robert Orci's comment about this here on the Don Murphy boards, and a blurb about alt modes in a video game based on the movie here on NeoGAF.

Lastly, there's another car that has been seen involved in a chase scene shoot. Will this be another Transformer? You can see images of the car and a description of the shoot here on the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog.  

For those looking to avoid spoilers about the movie, you may want to avoid the links.