We’re Not Losing a Brand Leader… We’re Gaining A… Um… Mrs. Brand Leader!

{mosimage}That's right, Ladies.  Transformers Brand head honcho Aaron Archer is officially off the market!  Mr. Archer married his fiancée Jessica this weekend in Rhode Island, in a lovely ceremony officiated by the fandom's own J.E. Alvarez.

Wait, What?  No, seriously.  Rik is an ordained minister.  We were just as surprised as you are.

The TFClub site has pictures here, including the awesome one-of-a-kind Voyager Class Cake Toptimus Prime (with Arcee and a Mini-Con!).

The Allspark wishes Aaron and Jessica the best of luck in their new life together. No word was available at press time on whether the limo transformed after it rolled out with the happy couple.