Universe Legends 5-packs in Package

{mosimage} We first got a look at these figures at Botcon this year, but the identities of some of the figures remained a mystery. Now, however, a poster on ACToys has posted a few images of them in packaging, so we now know who they all are! The Special Team Leaders consists of Razorclaw, Autobot Hot Zone (Hot Spot), Silverbolt, Scattershot, and Hun-Gurrr. The Aerial Rivals set has Thrust, Autobot Blades, Air Raid, Skydive and Ramjet.

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Special Team Leaders

The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons reaches its most furious point with the creation of the Special Teams. These highly specialized combat squads bring together a variety of talents into powerful and effective fighting teams, each led by a powerful leader. Each Special Teams Commander is a mighty warrior and a brilliant leader, tested in the fires of the ancient war, and proven by countless victories.

Aerial Rivalries

As with any battle on Earth, victory on Cybertron depends on superiority in the skies. As a result, the earliest and most aggressive fights take place in the air. Over the years, vicious rivalries have cropped up between the elite air warriors among the Autobots and Decepticons, turning eavery aerial engagement into a personal grudge match.