Transformers 2 Filming Now! Photos & Set Reports Roundup

{mosimage} This is it, folks: today marks the first official day of filming on the summer 2009 sure-to-be-blockbuster Transformers 2. The current location for the next few days is the Bethlehem Steel site in Pennsylvania, and as it's out in public near a residential area, reports and photos are already coming in.

New Allspark member panzerjedi points us to a series of photos taken by a resident near the filming location. They mostly show the plant lit with an eerie glow, with military and police helicopters buzzing all around. Check them out and discuss in panzerjedi's thread. 

Over at TFW2005, a poster quotes a secondary source with some interesting ground-level info about vehicles reportedly seen driving around the set: military Hummers with gun turrets, a set of motorcycles, an Audi R8, and a concept Corvette being kept carefully under wraps. Could any of these be… robots in disguise? Probably! Otherwise it ain't much of a Transformers movie! Check out a mirror of the report and Hummer photo, along with ongoing discussion, in Master Fwiffo's thread.  

Finally, a report at Slashfilm repeats an implication made on Don Murphy's board by screenwriter Roberto Orci that we COULD see as many as 20 Transformers in the new film (he says that's the number he'd "love" to include), and goes on to report that the former prison, current museum Eastern State Penitentiary is being scouted for a location for the film. WARNING: If the report is accurate, it may contain some key character spoilers. Read THAT report on Slashfilm, and discuss in Legend-Of-Blackout's thread.