Transformers 2: Days 2 & 3: Casting, Photos, Rumors

{mosimage}Today was the third official day of filming for 2009's Transformers 2, and the internet just won't stop exploding with news and rumors. Here's a brief roundup of some recent developments:

  • The Transformers Movie Blog has it that Nina Dobrev, of Degrassi: The Next Generation, has been cast in an unnamed role in the movie. No official confirmation yet, but her IMDB profile is here.
  • Allspark user Squall42080 has shared more of his photos from Tuesday night, the second day of filming at the Bethlehem Steel location. They show more military guys, a returning Autobot car, and a mysterious, antique ice cream truck involved in a chase sequence.
  • Seibertron has some crazy rumors about what the ice cream truck pictured in Squall42080's photos might signify.
  • A wire news report, reprinted at, gives us more info about what this whole "Chinese Industrial City" scene is about: "a giant computer-generated "Transformers" robot facing off against military and police forces." Okay, we probably could've guessed that one. They also confirm that it will be the opening scene of the film.

As always, discussion of these and other TF2 tidbits continues in our Movie Forum.