Transformers 2 Call Sheet Reveals New Characters

{mosimage} Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has gotten a hold on a astf sequel call sheet for the Bethlehem Steel shoot. While reading it over, they caught a few new characters, both human and robot, being introduced for the movie! For everyone that would prefer to be left surprised who these characters are we won't name them here. But for those that do want to know, click "Read more."

The original blog post can be seen here, but again, if you don't want to know the characters appearing in the movie, then don't click.  

The new human cast member is "Leo". He will be portrayed by Ramon Rodriguez from "The Wire", click here for more information about the actor.

Alright, let's get to the Transformers! The call sheet confirms that the motorcycles that were photographed before will be for Arcee. So expect her to look somewhat similar to her toy from the first movie. But maybe plural. Next up is Jetfire! Yes everyone's favorite white and red jet will be appearing on the silver screen. Only, since he turns into an SR71 Blackbird, odds are he won't be white! Next up is the new character Stinger who may be a Porsche according to the blog.
This next one is a little strange. Identified as "The Twins", and as having the old ice cream truck as the alt mode, it really makes you wonder just who they might be.
Still three more to go! Let's start those off with Wheels or Wheel-Bot. The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog guesses that this may be the Go-Cart that appeared on set. So small alt mode with the nickname "Wheels"…are we going to see the return of Wheelie? The final two are both identified as Decepticons. The first is an Audi R8 and the last a "Constructicon Earth Mover"!

So there's the list of new characters! It definitely is an interesting one!