TFCon News Round-up

{mosimage}This year was the first year that TFCon in Toronto hosted a Hasbro Canada panel, and it can definitely be said that it was a success. And in addition to the panel, there was also a booth set up where fans could pick up and try out several upcoming toys. Among the toys on display were Universe Onslaught, Activators Bumblebee, Supreme Optimus Prime, several Robot Heroes, the first wave of Universe Legends, Lgends Hound, Universe Blaster and Universe Dropshot. After the panel, Hasbro Canada also brought out Universe Ironhide, Universe Silverbolt and 25th Anniversary Re-Issue Optimus Prime!

The panel:

-The beginning of the slide show had the same slides as the one from Botcon. So, Animated Deluxe Wave 4, Universe Legends Wave 2, Universe Comic Packs, Universe Minicon 12 pack, 25th Hound, Cyclonus, Cheetor and Legends Brawn and Beachcomber were among the figures shown.

-After the new product images came the Q&A. The Hasbro Canada rep on hand answered the questions that were submitted online (it was done this way so that he could write the most informative answers and contact the design team for those questions that asked about upcoming toys). Here is some information that came out of the Q&A:

-The upcoming Target exclusive comic two-packs and the K-Mart exclusive Minicons will make it to Canadian retails as Zellers and Zellers/Toys R Us exclusives, respectively. Movie Wingblade and Jetstorm will not be available in Canada, but Mudflap and Inferno will.

-Canada not getting Masterpiece Starscream was a missed opportunity for "the retailer in question" *cough*Walmart Canada*cough*. However, now that retailer understands the power of the Transformers brand and may be more cooperative in the future. 

-Common packaged Transformers are done so that material and resources are not wasted on left-over packaging. However, they have heard fans' comments and will be switching to character-devoted packaging starting after the Universe wave that is currently in creative (so around wave 3 or 4). The 25th line will have character-devoted packaging for all of the Deluxe and higher figures.

-The Canadian release of the 25th Anniversary Re-Issue Optimus Prime will come with the comic book, but not the DVD. The figure on display had a light gray trailer, an orange-y red, and a blue Roller, but it was said that it was a very early sample, and all of that may change. The packaging features a cardboard flap that covers half of the window box. When the flap is opened (much like the Toys R Us Reissues, only the hinge is on the top) it reveals the rest of the figure, and the comic attached to the flap.

-Robot Heroes Dispensor is the only size figure that Dispensor will receive. There are no plans currently for Leader Blackout, Bonecrusher, Animated Humans, or GI Joe Crossovers.

-Hasbro likes to keep its fantasies separate, so it is unlikely that Marvel, or Star Wars Transformers would be remolded for another series.

-There is a possibility for combiners in Universe/25th Anniversary.

-There is no fiction planned for Universe.

-There will be no Legends line for Animated, but a few Animated characters may find themselves in the Universe Legends line.

-All of the yet unreleased Titaniums that have molds made will be released. Two of which will be released by the end of the year in US Toys R Us's. We knew of those–War Within Grimlock and Prowl–but the way it was said, it sounded like there was a possibility of more after those releases (Soundblaster, maybe?). 

-Hasbro Canada is looking into an exclusive for future TFCons, if they can find a feasible way to produce a figure for that size venue. If they can't come up with a figure, then the exclusive will be information or some other means (the Universe Deluxes were supposed to be this year's "exclusive" but Walmart Canada had faster trucks).

-This from outside the panel; Animated Activators Wave 1 (Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Starscream) have shipped from Hasbro Canada a few days ago, so they could be hitting Canadian retailer shelves within the next few weeks. 

-As previously reported, FansProjects was also at the convention with a few of its upcoming kits. You can see more images of these kits in the gallery here.