Gunbarrel, Reverb and Backtrack Bios

{mosimage} Allspark member mignash has received a few new images of the upcoming Target astf Scouts Gunbarrel, Reverb and Backtrack. The images are of the back of the figures' cards, so now fans curious about these characters' bios can read them and find out just who these 'bots are!

Click "Read more" to read the transcribed bios, or you can see the images by clicking here!

Gunbarrel isn't much in the personality department. He rarely speaks, and prefers his vehicle mode to his robot mode. He doesn't use his brain module much, except to work out firing solutions on distant targets. In fact, he'd have his brain removed entirely if it'd make room for another cannon. His firepower is unmatched. Anyone up against him in a fight should just be thankful that his imagination and intelligence don't match up to the power of his weapons.

Most Decepticons are so grim it's impossible to imagine they have fun doing anything, but not Decepticon Reverb. He charges into battle with a grin on his face, singing a happy song from the old days. Using the wash from his rotors, he can create a thudding sonic cyclone that traps those beneath him,shattering glass, twisting metal and destroying audio sensors. The ultra loud thump of his rotors has meant doom for many unfortunate Autobots.

A peerless tracker and scout, no robot can go so far that Backtrack won't eventually be able to track him down. He's able to read a vehicle's path in the scattering of pebbles across blacktop, or follow a distant starship along the neutrino trail left by its engines. He works along, preferring silence and solitude to the companionship of his fellow robots. On Earth, he sticks to the remote back roads and obscure backwoods towns, leaving the cities to his brethren.