First Robot Mode for Revenge of the Fallen Revealed…Or Maybe Not

{mosimage} A couple days ago there were images and video of a freaky little robot puppet attacking a car windshield during the shooting for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Fans immediately went into speculation mode trying to guess who this little robot bugger was. They pointed out every little detial trying to make it look like someone they know. Now, however, comes word straight from the director's mouth that the puppet was just a stand-in. They'll use it for positioning, and place a more "complete" CGI robot over top of the puppet in the film. So it looks like we may have to wipe the speculation slate clean, and the CGI model may not end up looking much like the robo-puppet!

Click here to read more about what Michael Bay has to say about the puppet, and the CGI model. It may be moderately spoiler-ish though. Then click here to see the video of the puppet, which is a bit more spoiler-ish!